Maddison Duct Cleaning Tips

You want to maintain your air ducts clean and tidy for good inside air-quality. A lot of dust and dirt will accumulate inside of your air ducts over time. It is important to clean it properly

Vacuum your air ducts

Air ducts are easy to vacuum. Use separate hose so you can reach even further. Clean every corner, walls, and ceiling from separate dust. If there is any dirt left, wipe it off with a cleaning cloth. Sometimes the dirt is attached to the walls. In that case, you might have to add some water and soap to get more effective results. Dust and dirt-free air ducts guarantee good air quality. It also prevents allergies and potential mold buildup

Remember to change the filters

The ventilation flows through the filters which is why it is so important to keep them clean. Dust gets stopped by filters and starts to build up on filters. To keep the air quality fresh, clean and change the filters as often as once a month. Any dirt and dust in the air ducts and filters can block the pathways and restrict the ventilation. Maintaining them in clean condition guarantees effective ventilation. It provides good airflow to each room and helps ventilation last longer.

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